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Antique Needle Work Designs

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Antique Needle Work Designs

Hello to everyone!

The Berlin wool work templates were first published in Berlin, Germany, in the early 19th century. Between 1810 and 1840 more than 14K templates were drawn. In these designs, were contained Victorian Era’s  incredible romanticism and quotes - quotations from Bible as well. 


Then, Berlin wool work templates started to embroidered in England and many other countries as popular embroidery.

Restoring the beauties of the past...

Downloadable Templates 

Since couple of years, we are restoring mostly embroidered templates that almost have been lost. Also trying to present these beautiful embroideries to you in order to give you the feeling of living in the atmosphere of that romantic period.

We feel great pleasure while we are doing this job and we sincerely hope that you get the same pleasure as much as we do.

Our templates prepare with DMC threads as in colored and black and white PDF.


Antique Needle Work Designs

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